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Richland Park Property – RPP01

For Sale, New
$111,639.00 - Residential

Richland Park Property – RPP01 Richland Park is a village in the Parish of Charlotte on mainland Saint Vincent. It is located to the northwest…

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2,519 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Richland Park Land – LRP02

Under Negotiation
$51,000.00 - Land

Richland Park Land – LRP02 Located on the Windward side of mainland St Vincent, Richland Park is approximately thirty (30) minutes away from capital Kingstown…

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9196 Sq. Ft.

Sans Souci Land – LSS06

For Sale, New
$25,644.00 - Land

The area of Sans Souci is located on the Windward side of St Vincent just after the village of North Union and before Mt Grenan.…

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4274 Sq Ft

Akers Land – LA20

For Sale, New
$87,125.00 - Land

Akers Land – LA20 Overlooking the newly constructed Arygle International Airport and thirty minutes away from capital Kingstown, you will find 6,970 sq. ft. of…

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6970 Sq Ft

Rose Place Land – LRP04

For Sale, Negotiable, New
$369,000.00 - Land

The area of Rose Place is located in the Cadastral District of Kingstown overlooking the Ferry Terminal and displays an increasing level of market demand…

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10530 Sq Ft

Belvedere Land – LB02

For Sale, Negotiable, New
$95,134.00 - Land

Belvedere is primarily a residential community known for being quiet with friendly people living within. This community is not only twenty (20) minutes away from…

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7,318 Sq Ft