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Gomea Land- LG002

For Sale, New
- Land, Residential

Gomea Land- LG002 In the community of Ashburton, Gomea we have available two parcels of land ad measuring 10,149 sq ft and 25,340 sq ft…

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Paget Farm, Bequia- PFBL01

DEAL!!, New
$202,000.00 - Grenadines, Residential

Paget Farm, Bequia In the beautiful Grenadine isle of Bequia you will find this property awaiting to be yours at the convenient price of $202,000…

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Mt. Pleasant, Bequia Land- GLSB01

For Sale, New
$315,000.00 - Grenadines, Land

Mt. Pleasant, Bequia Land On the beautiful grenadine isle of Bequia, Mt. Pleasant awaits 10,492 sq. ft of moderately sloping land which can accommodate a…

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10,492 Sq ft

Queensbury Land – QBL2

For Sale, New
$77,060.00 EC$ - Land, Residential

Queensbury Land – QBL2 This parcel of land is located on the Leeward side of the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the…

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7706 Sq Ft

Diamond Land – LD100

For Sale
$358,112.00 EC - Land

Diamond Land – LD100 This land is located in the developing village of Diamond in the Parish of St. George, more specifically Kings Hill, Diamond.…

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22382 Sq Ft

Villa Property – VP01

For Sale
$1,850,000.00 EC - Residential

Villa Property – VP01 This property comprises of 65,377 sq. ft. of land and a 4,765 sq. ft. two-floor building. The split-level building on site…

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65,377 Sq Ft 5 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms 1 Garage