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Penniston Land – LP1127

Under Negotiation
$276,562.00 EC$ - Land

Penniston Land – LP1127 Location:  Hog Hole, Penniston. Size/Ad-measurement: 1A 0R 17 P (1.10625 acres). Penniston can be considered a typical suburban area of middle…

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1.10625 Acres

Park Hill Land – PHL01

For Sale
$180,000.00 EC - Land

Park Hill Land – PHL01 Located in a rural village setting on the outskirts of the already established main Park Hill you will find this…

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98991 Sq Ft

Yambou Land – YBL01

For Sale
$225,800.00 EC - Land

Yambou Land – YBL01 This parcel of land is 3.755 acres (3.29 acres agricultural and 20,000 sq ft residential). The area is an established one…

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Queensbury Land – QBL1

Under Negotiation
$86,000.00 EC - Land

Queensbury Land – QBL1 This parcel of land is located on the Leeward side of the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the…

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Chapmans Land – LCH01

DEAL!!, For Sale
$7.00 Per Sq Ft - Land

Chapmans Land – LCH01 On the Windward side of the island you will find several lots of land in the tranquil and rural village of…

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5,892-6,169 Sq Ft

Sion Hill Land – LS01

For Sale
$10.00 Per Sq. Ft. - Land

Sion Hill Land – LS01 These two gentle sloping parcels of land are located in the lovely village of Sion Hill both admeasuring 10,829 and 9,586 sq. ft respectively…

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10,829 and 9,586

Crick Corner Land – LCC10

Under Negotiation
$450,000.00 EC - Commercial, Land

Crick Corner Land- LCC10 This lovely piece of land consists of 2 Acres 3 Roods and 5 poles in the rural area of Evesham Vale…

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2  Acres

Argyle Land – LA99

For Sale
$496,530.00 EC - Land

 Argyle Land – LA99 Just 10 minutes away from the Argyle International Airport and 2 minutes away from the Argyle highway is 49,653 sq. ft.…

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49,653 Sq. Ft.

Sion Hill Land – LSH5

On Hold
$223,230.00 EC - Land

Sion Hill Land – LSH5 The parcel of land is located in the Cadastral District of Sion Hill. It admeasures 7441 square feet of gently…

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7441 Sq Ft